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Dominican Republic

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

“Make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples.” - Kirk Hacker

"Make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples" is quoted by Kirk Hacker of Studio K Productions

Kirk Hacker has taught discipleship to countless young men and women. He has taught them to not only make disciples, or to only make disciples, who make disciples. Rather, to make disciples, who then go and make disciples, that will then make more disciples. Not a one time conversion rather and on going process. Make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples.

As Branch Ministries visits the Dominican Republic, Founder and CEO Matt Coughlin leads the preachers in the Church congregations from various communities as they gather together for discipleship (training) conferences. They learn not just how to make disciples, not just how to make disciples that will make disciples. Rather Coughlin teaches them to make disciple-making disciples.

They learn how to share the truth of the gospel with people from all different backgrounds. From those who do not belief in the existence of God, to those who are taught falsely. To those who have been hurt or depressed etc. They are taught how to handle these people from wherever they are at in life. From there they are taught to then bring these people to Christ, and then make them a disciple-making disciple.

If you make disciples then you have only those disciples that have been added to the Church. However, if you make disciple-making disciples you then begin to see an on going process of evangelism. A disciple-making disciple does not just makes any disciple. A disciple-making disciple when evangelizing will make disciple-making disciples, and so that disciple is in effect a disciple-making disciple who then goes on to do the same thing as we see the process repeat itself. We then the unfolding of making disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples, until the whole world hears.

Donations (one time or recurring) to make this possible can be made at:


In the Dominican Republic today there is plenty of families in need. They lack clothes, food, water, and even a roof over their head. Yet, there is one thing they lack which we often fail to think of, and that is education.

For parents to send their children to school in the Dominican Republic they must be able to provide a school uniform for their children. Without these school uniforms they be unable to attend school. Unfortunately, many parents cannot afford to buy school uniforms for their children.

Here at Branch Ministries we raise money to travel over, connect with these families in need, and provide for their children's education.

Donations (one time or recurring) to make this possible can be made at:

Above we have some pictures of Branch in Action in the Dominican.

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