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Why Donate to Branch?














How Donations Work 

  • Donations can be made one time or recurring.

  • When you select the "click to donate" button on the top of the screen each donation that you make is made as a nonprofit through Branch. 

  • This will take you directly to the site where you will type in the amount that you would like to give in the box labeled "$ Amount" and then press the "give" box to the right.

What Donations Do​​

  • Branch Ministries relies on donations to keep up and running.

  • One time donations help towards travel expenses while recurring donations keeps the ministry stable.

  • As a nonprofit ministry that is focused on missions the only way to keep up and running is by donations. And that is what your giving can and will do.

  • One time donations help in fundraising for a single trip. 

  • Recurring donations allows Branch to keep up and running 7 days a week and work with ministries in other countries globally to press towards making a change for Christ trip after trip.

What Donors Will Receive 

There are 3 types of donors...

Onetime; Recurring; Campaign

Onetime donors: are donors who make a one time donation. They will receive a newsletter with information on what their donation helped fund for. In addition they will later receive word on the difference that there donation helped to make possible.

Recurring donors: are donors who make recurring donations every month. They will receive constant newsletters on what Branch has been up to and how it has been made possible because of their recurring gift. They will receive links to videos with inside access to what Branch has been doing globally.


Then finally they will also receive a link to a private channel where they will get to tune into videos and join live streams as the staff at Branch discusses the plans for future trips to new locations that have yet to be released to the public. They will be able to comment and chat back and forth with Branch staff essentially being a part of the mission here at Branch Ministries. 

Campaign donors: There is a third category of donors called campaign donors. When you select the "Click to Donate" button it will take you to our donations page. Upon arrival you will see a button labeled "start a campaign" by selecting that button and starting a campaign you will then help Branch Ministries grow like never before.

As a campaigner for Branch you will be able to speak with Branch's CEO prior to the campaign and discuss what Branch will be able to do for you in return. As well as receiving a free Branch merchandise package on the side.

To contact Branch's CEO about starting a campaign and what Branch can do for you in return just email us at                                                           

and title the email subject "START A  CAMPAIGN" and you will hear from us shortly about doing business together as we look to open up knew possibilities to spread the Gospel as we make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples. Until the whole world hears!

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